More ways to help you find top medical and healthcare talent

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Hospitals, emergency care centers, and private physician’s practices all face new demands and increasing pressure brought on by rapidly-evolving diagnostic and therapeutic technology and regulatory compliance. Finding the right skilled talent to fill critical administrative and healthcare openings is an ongoing challenge for many organizations. It can be difficult to find the right employees with so many channels to reach them and steps that need to be taken to screen and qualify potential candidates.

Fortunately Expert Staffing has the highly-skilled and experienced staffing team that will take the time to fully understand your medical or healthcare organization and its staffing needs. From medical clerical and other front-office help to specialized nurses, physician assistants, and doctors, we can find just the right employees to meet your requirements and even handle the insurance, benefits, payroll, and taxes for you.

More ways to keep you connected
As a medical or healthcare facility owner or manager you know the importance of staying connected, ready to respond quickly to changing care needs and take advantage of the right opportunities when they come along. At Expert Staffing, we have more ways to keep you connected to the medical and healthcare job market and the Expert staffing team so that you can get the qualified help you need when you need it, including contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire employees.

Choose how you prefer to stay in touch – sign up for our informative e-newsletter and friend us on Facebook. Be sure to visit our website regularly to see what’s new, post your job openings, and use our convenient Request Talent form to make inquiries and get the ball rolling to find the right talent for whatever healthcare or medical positions you need to fill. We even have a new Employee and Client login to help with scheduling, submitting time sheets, and requesting talent. Our website features extensive employment opportunities for job seekers, attracting the best candidates and making it easier to initiate that crucial employer/employee connection.

Let us help save you time, money, and headaches with focused, highly-effective workforce solutions that makes finding – and keeping — the right job candidates easier and more efficient. To learn more, contact our Expert Staffing technical search team today.

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