4 Tips to Share With Your Warehouse Staff to Prevent Back Injuries on the Job

How many times have you heard something praised as the “backbone” of society, business or some other subject? After all, it’s only fair that such an important part of our bodies should get some proverbial recognition. Meanwhile, our literal backs don’t get nearly the credit – or the care – they deserve. Severe back injuries account for some 200,000 workplace injuries per year, resulting in millions of missed work days. The good news is almost these types of injuries can be prevented with these simple, effective tips.

1.      Prevent back injuries with better body mechanics

Our backs are under intense stress every day. Though you might not notice it at first, repetitive strain can cause severe, permanent damage. Workers who regularly lift heavy objects, such as those who work in warehouses, factories or other industrial settings, are especially at risk. Body mechanics refers to special techniques that limit the strain of heavy lifting. These techniques include:

  • Bending your knees and lifting with your legs
  • Grasping heavy objects at the edge that is furthest from you
  • Maintaining good posture all day

2.      Use personal safety equipment

A back brace might not be the most stylish look, but it can save workers from debilitating injuries. Additional equipment may still be needed, however. Experts recommend, for example, that the maximum weight a person should lift alone at work should be 51 pounds. When lifting heavier objects, always ask for help or use a mechanical lift.

3.      Slow down

Almost all back injuries are the result of our personal choice. We choose not to wait for help; we choose not to look for a back brace or mechanical aid, and we choose not use good body mechanics. It all comes down to being in a rush. Taking a few seconds to think things through reveals better solutions that don’t result in debilitating injuries. Saving a few minutes per day is never worth suffering an injury.

4.      Listen to your body

How do you feel at the end of a workday? If you find yourself in pain and struggling to move, you’ve pushed yourself too far. You should never ignore any of the clues your body gives you – when you think it’s time to slow down or take a break, do it since working when exhausted is a quick way to have an accident.

Do you take safety seriously?

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