3 Types of Questions to Expect when Interviewing for a Manufacturing Position

Since the needs of each job opening are unique, it always pays to be ready for some surprising interview questions. There are, however, a few standard categories of questions that are guaranteed to be covered in any interview. Here are some of the top questions to expect when interviewing for a job in manufacturing (and how to handle them).

Questions That Test Your Technical Training

Since every position in a factory or warehouse requires unique skills, you can expect your interviewer to want to know two things: if you have the right skill set, and what makes you better than the rest of the candidates.

The question: Are you familiar with the equipment we use here?

Every day, manufacturing becomes less about physical labor and more about technical skills, including the use of complex computer programs. Don’t get us wrong – many manufacturing jobs are very labor intensive; however, technical skills are where the future of manufacturing lies. Try to find out ahead of time what type of machines, tools, and programs are used at your future workplace. If you have training or experience in their use, now is the time to brush up on those skills.

Interview Questions That Test Your People Skills

No matter how automated manufacturing becomes, working well on a team will always be one of the most valuable skills in an employer’s eyes. Therefore, almost all interviewers will want to know how well you handle conflict.

The question: Can you tell me about a time you disagreed with a co-worker? How did you resolve the conflict?

Can your future boss trust you to be a positive influence on your co-workers, or are you the type who makes conflicts even worse? With good reason, employers are slow to hire employees who will have a negative influence on morale. When giving your answer, don’t place all the blame on your former co-worker. Humbly try to accept your fair share of the responsibility, but focus on the positive steps you took to resolve the situation.

Testing Your Thinking Skills

Employers want more than a worker who clocks in, follows orders, and clocks out. The ideal hire can bring new ideas and efficiency to the business. Are you that person? Your interviewer wants to know.

The question: Tell me about a time you solved a problem at your former job. How did you help?

You can’t afford a long pause when you’re asked this question. If your interviewer sees you struggling to respond, they will assume you didn’t make many significant contributions at your last job. If you need to bring some notes to answer this question (and the rest), it’s fine to bring a small notepad or professional-looking folder. Your interviewer will appreciate that you prepared and will understand you take the job seriously.

Looking to Land an Interview?

Of course, the question you really want to hear is “when can you start?” Getting to that point, however, requires more than just prepping for the interview. If you need help finding and landing a great job in manufacturing, Expert Staffing has what you’re looking for. With openings in manufacturing positions throughout Maine, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the job you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more about our services.