Are your most desirable candidates being snatched up by other companies? Many businesses are finding their traditional hiring process is no longer delivering great results. If your current hiring strategy isn’t working anymore, it’s time to shake things up. These four hiring hacks should give your business the boost it needs.

Top 4 Hiring Hacks


1.      Take advantage of your employees’ networks

Every savvy business manager knows the importance of networking. Sadly, many hiring managers focus their networking efforts only on the outside. Within your company, however, are many talented professionals who have developed their own professional networks. In many cases, one of your current employees might already know the perfect candidate. If you talk openly about your hiring goals with members of your current team, you may be able to locate the ideal applicant without an extensive search. Even better, a candidate who already has connections in your company will generally make a smoother transition than someone from your external network.

2.      Maintain rapport with rejected candidates

Job seekers know they should never burn bridges with potential employers, but hiring managers don’t always show the same level of respect. Do you call every candidate personally to tell them they didn’t make the cut? Do you make sure the interview and application process is as comfortable as possible? If a candidate makes it past the initial application stage, they probably have some valuable qualities. Even if you don’t pick them during this hiring cycle, you may need their skills in the future, so you need to leave them with a good impression. In addition, rejected candidates may still recommend the position to a more qualified friend – but only if they felt respected.

3.      Shake up your company culture

There’s clear value in hiring candidates who fit in with your company’s mood, values and culture. If you put too much focus on the “culture fit,” however, you might cause your company’s growth to stagnate. Diversity has always fueled progress, and being open to a wide variety of personality types might give your business the energy it needs to succeed.

4.      Put more focus on references

There’s only so much you can learn from an application, a resume and an interview. In contrast, a candidate’s previous employers will have a much more complete picture of their character and abilities. Stop viewing reference checking as a formality or a simple confirmation of an applicant’s work experience. Prepare for your reference calls the same way you do for an interview, with a specific list of questions in mind. One of the most productive changes you can make is to start checking references on candidates you were thinking of rejecting. Since many people are simply bad at being interviewed, you may gain a completely new point of view after speaking to their previous employer.

Hiring solutions that work

At Expert Staffing, we understand how crucial your hiring decisions are to your company’s continued growth. Staffing success goes beyond a few hiring hacks, and our industry experts can provide the insight and guidance you need to solve your long-term staffing problems. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial and medical staffing services.