After years in the background, social media has become one of the most powerful platforms for anyone hoping to make their name and message known. Businesses have successfully used social media accounts to connect with their clients since the first online networks sprung up, but could online marketing help you attract better job seekers, as well? Absolutely! Here’s why your company needs an online presence.

Social media marketing improves your reputation.

It goes without saying that developing an online presence will help you reach more potential candidates. In fact, Facebook alone has over 2.2 billion monthly users, many of whom use their account to maintain professional contacts. Your public accounts, however, do much more than simply get your name out there. By nature, social media platforms encourage meaningful interactions between their users. Your online profiles are powerful tools that allow you to connect with your community and raise awareness of your employment opportunities and company culture.

Social networking helps draw traffic to your website (in more ways than you think).

Your website is one of the defining factors attracting both clients and candidates. How can you be sure candidates will land on your site before a competitor’s? This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. In short, SEO means making your website look appealing and relevant to search engines, such as Google. By staying active on multiple social media platforms, you can convince search engines your site is more relevant than others, pushing it to the top of everyone’s online search results.

Improving the way you run your business.

Market research used to mean convincing a group of people to fill out surveys or sit in a room to be interviewed. With social media, you can connect directly with your community to ask them questions. What are people looking for in a job? What would convince more people to seek employment at your business? Don’t be shy; just ask! The information you gain by asking simple questions on various social networks will help you craft better policies and make your workplace more appealing to top candidates.

Need help hiring?

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