Spring always brings longer days, warmer weather, and new life. Wouldn’t it be nice if your career got an automatic refresh every few months?  Unfortunately, your workplace won’t change on its own – and neither will your attitude toward your work. These steps, however, will help you view your current job with a fresh, positive attitude every time you clock in.

How to improve your attitude at work:

1.      Challenge Yourself

Settling into the same routine every day can be comforting for a while, but it will be hard to stay satisfied with your work if you don’t stretch your limits. To avoid falling into a rut, set personal goals for yourself and constantly try to improve. If you have trouble finding a good place to start, ask your supervisor to recommend an area for you to work on.

2.      Focus on Your Co-Workers’ Strengths

A stressful, hectic day at work can make it awfully tempting to dwell on your co-worker’s faults. Focusing on the negative, however, will only make your day harder. In fact, negative thinking is linked with lower energy, decreased productivity, and poor work quality. In reality, everyone you work with adds something to the team, and learning to focus on their strengths will dramatically improve your morale.

3.      Take a Break

If you find your mind drifting and your mood turning sour, it’s probably time for a break. Even if you feel you are behind schedule, a short break will refresh your mind and allow you to boost your overall productivity.

4.      Get More Rest

The fact that you are grouchy at work doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the work itself. Often, it’s our personal life that is adding too much stress and pressure to our lives. If you find yourself struggling to get through the workday, try getting to sleep a little bit earlier every night. You may soon find the extra rest allows you to tackle your job with greater energy and enthusiasm.

5.      Help Someone Else

Can adding more work to your plate help you cope with stress? Though it might seem counterintuitive, helping others deal with their problems and projects exerts a powerful influence on your mood. The old adage is that “there is more happiness in giving than in taking,” and science supports this idea. If you help a co-worker solve one of their problems or complete a project, you’ll instantly feel more competent and content with your own workload.

6.      Surround Yourself With Positive Influences

When we’re feeling low, it can be comforting to find someone who is willing to gripe along with us. Long-term contentment, however, is hard to attain when all we hear and feel are complaints. In contrast, seeking out positive, cheerful workmates can provide instant refreshment and a positive boost.

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