Your employees deserve a safe workspace. In fact, the push to create safer workplaces has dramatically reshaped the business world over the last century. What’s surprising, however, is just how powerful and far reaching the effects of safety programs can be. If you’re not already convinced workplace health and safety programs will make your business more profitable, here are some compelling reasons to invest in them.

Accidents are a financial drain on your business.

American businesses lose over $170 billion per year because of workplace accidents and illness. Though accidents could occur at any workplace, the simple fact is that every penny of that cost should be viewed as preventable. In essence, businesses that don’t make safety a priority are setting themselves for thousands – if not millions – of dollars in wasted resources.

Safer work conditions lead to a better product.

No one can perform at their best under unsafe work conditions. Not only will a safer environment allow your employees to be more productive, the overall quality of their work will improve when safety concerns are not a looming issue in their minds. Especially in industries that are prone to serious accidents, such as manufacturing and construction, this mental edge is a powerful factor in productivity.

Wellness programs will pay for themselves.

Many employers are hesitant to implement health and wellness programs for their employees. Since such programs generally imply a large initial investment, it’s reasonable to be cautious at first. Regardless, studies indicate that well-implemented, carefully planned programs can promise an impressive return on investment (up to $3.80 per dollar spent, in some cases). The most effective programs focus on preventing and managing serious illnesses for your at-risk employees.

Remember, too, that your ROI in wellness programs goes beyond the cash you put into them and the savings you get out. Improved morale, higher job satisfaction, and greater trust between employees and administrators are difficult to put a price tag on, but are incredibly valuable. Safety and health programs that put employee wellness first will create just such an impact on your workforce.

Creating a safer workplace

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