Let’s face it: You’re not the only candidate being interviewed for your next job. If you want to get a job offer, you don’t just need to make a good first impression – you need to make a better impression than the other applicants. Since you can expect stiff competition for any promising position, there’s no room for any mistakes. Here are some of the most common blunders applicants make (and how you can avoid them).

How NOT to impress a potential employer

·         Underdress

Most modern workplaces are more casual than they might have been in past decades. Regardless, the interview is not the time to loosen up and show how relaxed you can be. Even for hands on-jobs, such as industrial or factory-based positions, your appearance at the interview should be highly professional. Dressing well proves you are organized and shows respect for your future employer.

Bonus point: You want to draw attention to your skills, not your appearance. As such, flashy clothes and visible logos are out of the question. Likewise, overly revealing, tight, or messy clothes are guaranteed to be a mark against you.

·         Answer your phone during an interview

The person interviewing you wants to see your undivided attention and dedication to your job. If you answer a call – or even simply check your phone to view a text message – you are telling your future boss you don’t value their time and are not fully invested in the interview. Do you want to prove you’re serious? Avoid distractions by putting your phone on airplane mode before walking into the interview.

Bonus point: The goal is to show you respect your interviewer and value their time. As such, arriving late for the interview is another fatal mistake. Being 5-10 minutes early demonstrates respect for the company without showing any signs of desperation.

·         Be negative or defensive

Employers want a complete picture of every potential hire. Doubtless, you’ll be asked about your past failures or struggles you’ve had at previous jobs. When this happens, resist the urge to brag and deny your mistakes. In fact, admitting to a mistake before shifting the conversation to how you overcame the situation will show your character in a positive light.

Bonus point: Nobody wants to work with a complainer or a gossip. Though you might have had your differences with past workmates, fight the urge to complain or place the blame on others. If you give in, your interviewer will only start to wonder what bad things you’ll have to say about them in the future.

Ready for your next interview?

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