With so much on the line – especially if you’ve been searching for some time – it’s unsurprising most people get nervous when preparing for a job interview. If you follow these tips, however, you can replace those nerves with a positive energy that will help you nail your next interview.

How to Destress Before a Job Interview

1.      Do Some Last-Minute Mental Prep

If you’re well prepared for an interview, there’s no reason to be nervous – you simply know you will put your best foot forward. Focus on preparation that will help you give insightful answers to any expected questions, making sure to cover these topics:

  • your work history and experience;
  • personal achievements;
  • current industry trends;
  • company history (i.e., your prospective employer’s history, mission statement, and company culture); and
  • your expectations.

An often-overlooked aspect of this preparation is knowing when to stop. After reviewing the basics, there’s little value in continuing to stress over every possible factor. Instead, it’s best to cover the essentials before moving on.

2.      Get Organized

A last-minute scramble to prepare for an interview is a sure-fire way to ruin your mental state. The night before your meeting, make sure you have everything in order for the next day. You should choose an appropriate outfit ahead of time, ensuring there are no surprises with wrinkled or stained clothes. All of your professional documentation must be in order, as well. Even if you believe your interviewer already has your resume, you should print and bring at least one more copy. After all, your interviewer may forget to bring their copy, or you may be interviewing unexpectedly with two or more people. Doing this prep work the night before means that there will be no last minute surprises, leaving you free to focus on step three.

3.      Get Plenty of Rest

The point of all this preparation is to ensure you enter your interview with your most important weapon – a clear, refreshed mind. In fact, studies indicate that sleep has as great an impact on our performance as do training and motivation. All of your best efforts will be wasted if you continue to stress about your upcoming interview late into the night. Instead, finish your planning early enough that you have time to relax, unwind, and get a good night’s rest.

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