Nobody looks forward to their commute. Between traffic and dealing with the stress of the upcoming day, the daily drive to work is a time that most would prefer to forget. Don’t just rely on morning DJs to get you through the drive! These podcasts will inspire you, make you think, and turn the commute into your favorite part of the day.

The best podcasts for commuters

1.      The Limit Does Not Exist

Is your job everything you want it to be? Do you wish you had the inspiration, the creativity and the drive to truly explore your potential? The Limit Does Not Exist, by Forbes, examines the lives and strategies of some of this generation’s most innovative thinkers and leaders. These expertly crafted stories of people who are passionate about their work – passionate enough to excel in multiple fields – will help you get in touch with your inner overachiever as you ramp up for your day.

2.      Invisibilia

In a fast-paced career (a fast-paced world, really) it’s easy to get so distracted by large-scale issues that we lose track of what really makes us tick. Invisibilia’s hosts explore nuance and the science of the unseeable in a way that will make you more understanding of the things and people around you. If you need help focusing on the little details at work, consider this podcast during your commute.

3.      Fictional

Do you use your commute as a chance to clear your mind from work and everything related to it? Is your daily drive your best chance to escape from reality for just a little while? Fictional takes you deep into the world of classic literature, but with a twist. The modern narrative tone adds spice to old stories and allows you to experience them in a way you otherwise never would. Whether you’re familiar with the tales or not, you’ll be so wrapped up in the storytelling the last thing on your mind will be the stress of work.

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