Whether you’ve grown tired of your current healthcare job or simply want to explore your horizons, it’s not unusual to get itchy feet at your current job. But what if you’re nervous about taking the risk? There’s no need to hold back! Though some experts estimate that it can take months to find a suitable position, there are some easy steps you can take to dramatically shorten your search. Here’s how to get started.

How to find a healthcare job (FAST!)

1.      Update your resume

When a promising job offer comes along, you don’t want any delays to hold you down. Your resume is the first impression your future employers will ever get of you, and you don’t want to waste that moment. An outdated or ad-hoc resume is sure to be pushed to the bottom of the pile. Therefore, as soon as you start thinking about moving on, start making updates and tweaks to your resume to make it more appealing.

2.      Connect with your network

Healthcare workers benefit from working in a diverse field with many specialties. As such, you’ve surely built many connections during your career. Even if you are new to the field, your professors, preceptors and classmates already form the framework of an effective professional network. Use those connections! Professionals in all fields benefit from networking, and this could be the key that quickly opens the door to your next job.

3.      Attend conferences and seminars

If you still want to expand your professional network beyond the walls of your current facility, attending conferences is the best way to do so – while also learning new skills that make you more hirable! At any given conference, you won’t be the only one multitasking. Hiring managers also know that professional conferences are one of the best places to meet potential candidates, and they are eager to connect with those who are seeking to grow their skills.

4.      Optimize your online presence

Online searches are usually the first step for both job seekers and potential employers. If your online presence is invisible – or worse, gives a negative impression – your future boss will quickly become someone else’s future boss. For professionals, LinkedIn is the best place to start, as healthcare employers know they can connect with serious-minded employees in such a network.


Beyond professional sites, rethink your personal social media use, as well. With the weekly news cycle full of examples of prominent figures derailing their careers with inappropriate tweets, you shouldn’t think your online activity is free from scrutiny. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable explaining a photo or a tweet during your interview, you should probably keep it to yourself. In contrast, creating a strong, professional persona that is active in healthcare-related discussions can tip the balance in your favor.

Team up with a recruiter!

For fast hires, nothing compares to the help you can get from a professional healthcare recruiter. A talented recruiter has both the industry insight and negotiating clout to make sure you get an excellent job offer at the end of every search. At Expert Staffing, we’re eager to help you take the next step in your healthcare career, and we’re confident we can meet your upcoming needs. To learn more about exciting healthcare jobs in your area, contact us today.