As more and more people (and businesses) move away from the 9-to-5 work setting, nontraditional schedules are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you’re looking to pick up some extra work or are simply interested in exploring your options, temporary and seasonal work are the best ways to start spreading your wings. Also, taking on a seasonal position can be a great way to earn some extra money for the holidays or a great opportunity to eventually take on a full-time role. These tips will help you find a seasonal job without ever breaking a sweat.

Important steps for finding a seasonal job

1.      Clear your schedule

Businesses looking for seasonal workers do so because they know they have a busy season coming up, and they want to know your definitive dates of availability before moving forward. Though there will still be some flexibility in your work schedule, know that your new boss is hoping to get as much out of you as possible in a short time. If you definitively need some time off during your temporary assignment, be sure to clearly define your dates before you begin.

2.      Pick up a specialized skill

Business owners don’t want to invest a large amount of time training seasonal workers; their goal is you should hit the ground running and be a valuable asset from the first day. To increase your value – and your chances of getting hired – start learning a specialized skill that is vital in your field. With more unique skills, you’ll rapidly rise to the top of every group of candidates.

3.      Do your research

If you’ve been at one job for long or are entering a new field, it can be both difficult and confusing to move to a new setting. Regardless, researching industry trends will give you an advantage over your competitors. In addition, do some specific research on any company you’re considering applying to. By learning about their policies, history and work environment, you’ll be well prepared for the interview and your first day on the job.

4.      Team up with a recruiter

Staffing agencies are experts in the art of matching job seekers to positions that meet their needs. By working with a recruiter, you will dramatically increase your chances of finding a job quickly, and you’ll also have the negotiating power and expertise of a professional to ensure you get a great offer.

Ready for a new seasonal job?

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