Are you interested in improving your facility’s profile in the upcoming year? At every level of the health care industry, constant effort is required to ensure high-quality patient care, and annual training is at the foundation of this process. If you are ready to improve your skills and those of the other practitioners at your facility, these 5 healthcare conferences should be on your 2019 calendar.

The top 5 upcoming healthcare conferences

1.      International Meeting on Simulation in HealthCare

Medical simulation is one of the most promising fields of research, providing concrete research data that would have been out of reach just a few years ago. To stay abreast of how these strategies will transform your practice in the coming years, this 5-day conference is the premier event that you should attend

Dates: January 26-30th, 2019

Location: San Antonio, TX

2.      National Health Policy Conference

Since few industries are as heavily influenced by legislation as is health care, the National Health Policy Conference is a must for healthcare leaders who are dedicated to their field. Since upcoming policy changes can dramatically affect standard practice at every level of your organization, be sure to add this event to your calendar.

Dates: February 4-5th, 2019

                Location: Washington, DC

3.      Health IT Conference

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s 2019 conference (HIMSS19) is your chance to examine how your facility manages patient care and medical records. As electronic medical records become ubiquitous in the nation’s healthcare system, facility leaders must be ready to adopt more streamlined, secure systems. Big topics this year will include updates on cybersecurity and advances in telehealth services.

Dates: February 11-15th, 2019

                Location: Orlando, FL

4.      International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare

This biannual event connects practitioners from across the globe to collaborate and innovate better standards of care across the spectrum of healthcare services. Join thousands of like-minded professionals at one or both of these events to learn how your facility can become an industry leader.

Spring dates: March 27-29th, Glasgow, Scotland

                Autumn dates: September 18-20th, Taipei, Taiwan

5.      Patient Experience Conference

Like the international forum, the Beryl Institute’s Patient Experience Conference focuses on one of the most fundamental aspects of healthcare: providing a high-quality experience to every client who walks through your doors. Since this subject goes far beyond medical expertise, the conference’s input should form a vital part of your upcoming business strategy.

Dates: April 3-5th, 2019

                Location: Dallas, TX

Are you prepared for the upcoming year?

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