If you’re trying to manage staffing at your business during the holidays, the season doesn’t always bring tidings of good cheer. Juggling the needs of a busy season with inevitable requests for time off from many staff members keeps many managers working overtime, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These handy tips and strategies will help you keep your cool while handling your company’s holiday schedules.

Handling staffing needs during the holidays

1.      Get your holiday schedules in early

If you leave your holiday staffing schedule until the last minute, there are bound to be complications. Make it clear that all requests for time off should be made well in advance, giving you ample time to work out a schedule that meets both your needs and those of your employees. In general, these requests should be handled on a first come, first served basis. Not only does such a system ensure fair treatment of each employee, but it provides added incentive for them to place their requests early.

2.      Implement flexible scheduling

Even though you require some employees to work on major holidays, you can still take steps to make the experience more manageable. In some cases, businesses implement staggered schedules that allow employees to work a half shift on the big day. By having half of your teamwork during the morning and half in the evening, for example, you ensure that your staffing needs are met while also allowing your workers to enjoy a special event.

3.      Offer a pay differential on holidays

Though many employees look forward to having time off during the holidays, many are just as excited by the prospect of earning some extra cash during an especially expensive time of year. By offering a compelling holiday pay differential, you can convince some of your staff to pick up those shifts with a smile.

4.      Let some employees work from home

For many of your employees, especially your office workers, there is nothing preventing them from being just as productive at home as at work. Since more Americans travel for the holidays than ever before, allowing them to work remotely may be the perfect compromise that allows them to enjoy the season without affecting your total productivity.

5.      Call in your part-timers and temps

While there are many ways to soften the blow of having to work on Christmas, New Year’s, and other major holidays, there is one gift your staff really wants this year: guilt-free time off. By pulling from your pool of part-time and temporary staff, you can promise your full-time staff the R&R that they deserve.

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