Networking Tips to Help Grow Your Business

Success in business is all about who you know. From your clients to your professional partners (and even your competitors), the size and quality of your business network shape your success both now and in the future. Are you interested in expanding your network? These networking tips will help you build a more stable and productive business.

Networking tips – Widening your network to expand your business

1.      Quality comes first

The social media generation tends to take a “the more the merrier” approach toward forming connections; in the business world, however, investing in relationships that don’t add value to your business is a waste of resources. Therefore, resist the urge to reach out to everyone in your field just for the sake of expanding your network. Even when your business is small and growing, your time and resources are better spent building meaningful connections with people and organizations that can help you meet your most urgent goals. In short, quality trumps quantity every time.

2.      Be patient

The concept of business networks rests on the principle of building mutual trust between groups that can benefit each other. Since such a relationship can take time to mature, don’t be quick to break contact with a person or company just because you have yet to see the payoff. Instead, maintain regular contact to ensure that your company and its services remain at the front of their mind.

3.      It’s not always about the sale

Ultimately, people do business with those that they like and trust. As such, you shouldn’t make every interaction purely about business. When interacting with your peers and clients, it can be beneficial to strike a lighter tone from time to time. Conferences and seminars, for example, are as much about forming such personal bonds as they are about closing business deals, especially in a world where an important deal can be finalized in a simple phone call. So instead of being 100% business all the time, focus your networking efforts on getting to know those in your field (and letting them learn to trust you).

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