If you’re looking for a new job, you should make LinkedIn a crucial part of your search. Why? Because it’s an essential job market for every field and every position. A whopping 87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find people, so if you don’t have a profile, the likelihood that you’ll be overlooked for a job is huge.

Here are four tips on using LinkedIn to network and find a job.


1. Make sure your profile includes your current job information

While LinkedIn profiles can include all kinds of information, the one essential you shouldn’t leave out is your current job information. Say a recruiter is looking to fill a warehouse associate job, and you are a warehouse associate. If your last information on LinkedIn ends two years ago when you worked for a restaurant chain, it’s going to look like you aren’t qualified. You need to make sure your most recent job is on LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn profile should include all the jobs are on your resume, with the most recent first, and the years and months you were employed in each.

2. Indicate you’re looking for a job

One of the great features of LinkedIn is, if you’re actively looking for a job, you can say so! The headline in your LinkedIn profile and the introductory paragraph are both places that can be used.

Remember, you are talking to recruiters and other people looking for candidates to hire. So something like “Experienced warehouse professional looking for new position. Productive and flexible team player” will alert them to the fact you’re seeking a job and your top qualifications.

3. Grow your network

Another strong feature of LinkedIn is its ability to let you grow your network. Frequently, companies like to hire people who are already acquainted with current employees. So if you know of companies in your area where you’d like to work, find out if you know anyone there. If you do, send them a request to connect.

Connect with as many people you know as you can. The more people in your network, the more visible you are to recruiters.

4.  Look for jobs

The “jobs” tab in LinkedIn carries hundreds of jobs. You can filter searches by title and area, so you see the types of jobs and the geographic area where you want to work only.

Many jobs make it possible to apply directly from LinkedIn using your profile, which can make your application process much more convenient for both you and potential employers. It’s also why your profile needs to be current and reflect your experience just as a resume does. Employers need to see all your experience and qualifications.

Looking for a new job?

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