What Traits Should All Great Healthcare Managers Have?

Looking for terrific healthcare managers? Identifying top-notch managers requires determining their abilities to keep up with the rapidly changing and growing healthcare field.

The American College of Healthcare Executives has pinpointed characteristics that ensure success in healthcare managers and administrators.

  1. Appropriate academic degrees and work experience

First, managers must have the proper academic training from a college or university. They also need relevant work experience. Internships and fellowships as part of either can be a great sign they will be excellent managers.

It’s also important to look at their commitment to professional development. Healthcare managers will likely have to pursue continuing education throughout their careers as the healthcare field changes rapidly. Cutting-edge treatments, new payment methods, and evolving healthcare policy are just three quickly changing fields.

  1. Strong communication skills

Healthcare managers need to be able to communicate clearly, both in writing and verbally. Their communication skills must extend to all levels: supervisors, colleagues, and subordinates.

Healthcare information is often presented in meetings and via publication, so the ability to express concepts and data in front of audiences and for a broad group is also very important.

  1. Flexibility, adaptability and a good organizational fit

Organizational fit is highly important to any industry and any position, and healthcare and management are no exception. Without good fit, managers might find it difficult to progress their careers and their goals.

Organizations in healthcare also require a great deal of flexibility and adaptability on the part of their managers. Healthcare is a vibrant and constantly changing field; healthcare solutions will evolve as time goes on. Managers must be able to lead change and adapt to it.

  1. Dependability, strong professional judgment, and good character

Great healthcare managers need to be dependable and have strong professional judgment. They must be confident in their decisions and take responsibility for the outcome of those decisions.

Finally, they must be of good character, with a commitment to decisions that are honest and ethical.

  1. Strong general management capabilities

This may be obvious, but strengths in leadership and vision are qualities that a person must have prior to their education and initial work experience.

However, some management skills can be taught and learned on the job. Top-notch healthcare managers will take advantage of opportunities to hone their strengths and qualifications in management.

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