Could Your Training Process Use Some Spring Cleaning?

It’s a good idea to review your training processes periodically. Spring, the time of cleaning out the cobwebs and of rebirth, is a great time to do that.

First, think about why you do training. There are three basic reasons. The first is ensuring competence: employees need to know how to do the work they are hired to do. They need to know how your organization does it.

Training Increases Engagement. Engagement Increases Productivity and Profits

The second reason to train employees is to drive profit, productivity, and innovation. How does training contribute to these things? Well, surveys show that employees who feel they are well-trained develop more engagement with the organization. Engagement, in turn, drives committed and motivated employees.

When employees aren’t engaged, they tend to do their work half-heartedly. They don’t participate in improvement.

Ultimately, it’s estimated that companies with the highest engagement have 2.5 times the revenue growth of other companies.

Training Reduces Turnover

Training can also cut down on turnover. Up to 40% of employees who receive poor or inadequate training leave within their first year. That means the organization has to hire again. In the hiring and training period, productivity falls. More retention and less turnover leads to a more profitable company.

How to Spring Clean Your Training

There are several ways to improve your training.

  1. Don’t leave onboarding to chance

First impressions matter to your employees as much as it does to you. How your company onboards new hires is going to leave a lasting imprint.

You need to develop an organized, thoughtful onboarding process with a clear structure. Don’t leave onboarding to chance. Give employees complete material on policies and procedures they need to know. Introduce them to their supervisor and teammates on the first day. Plan ice-breaking activities. It’s a good idea to designate coworkers as go-to people if they have questions.

  1. Put together a clearinghouse of resources

In addition to policies and procedures, have complete resources easily available. This could include useful articles and blog posts relevant to the employee’s position. It could include best practices that the organization incorporates. Material on current issues relevant to the company matter as well.

Need Help Training and Hiring?

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