Reliable Forms of Transportation to Get You to and From Work

As a hardworking employee, you know one of the most important things to do is to get to work on time every day. Punctuality is important to us and to our clients.

To get to work on time, you need a reliable form of transportation. One that works conveniently and dependably, every day.


Public Transportation and Cars Can Be Unreliable

Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. Public transportation may not be available from where you live. Or public transportation routes may not go to your job site.

Even if public transportation is available, the schedules may not coincide with the times you need to be at work.

Cars can be unreliable as well. They break down and need repair. What do you do if you get a flat tire on your way to work? At a minimum, you may be late. What if your car doesn’t start in the morning? It can be a headache getting it to a mechanic to look at the problem.

Expert Staffing’s Van Service

Expert Staffing has a way to make your journey to and from work both easier and more reliable. We now offer employees a comfortable ride in our transport van to their assigned work sites.

Van transportation is currently available in Leominster, Massachusetts. It will be available soon in other branch locations.

Job candidates who work in Leominster can be picked up right from their homes.

If you have any questions about the van service, get in touch with Expert Staffing. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about transportation to and from Leominster.

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