This Is How a Staffing Agency Finds You Qualified Candidates

If you need qualified candidates in today’s marketplace, you’re not alone – in several different ways.

First, the U.S. unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in nearly half a century. That means every company and every recruiter who is trying to find qualified candidates is looking in an environment where top-quality people may be hard to find.

Second, you’re not alone once you partner with a staffing agency. They have expertise in finding candidates for multiple markets – including tough employment markets.

1. They Have In-Depth Knowledge

Staffing agencies have in-depth knowledge of their markets and verticals. The know the kind of candidates wanted, and what markets need. They can recruit and perform preliminary interviews given their abundant expertise

2. They Have Extensive Networks

Staffing agencies work with candidates and employers all the time. It’s their only business. Because of this, they have a chance to grow unparalleled networks of qualified professionals. They can reach out to active job candidates and passive ones, matching skill sets and background to both open and potential positions.

Staffing agencies are proficient at aligning a candidate’s qualifications with what employers need.

3. They Can Help With Screening

Busy companies need to make sure the candidates they are interviewing are candidates who can do the job. To ensure this, screening candidates can save time and effort. Staffing agencies can screen both resumes and candidates, with preliminary interviewing and testing when necessary.

Staffing companies are skilled in assessments and can use assessments to help you find the standout candidates you need.

4. They Can Perform Background Checks

In today’s world, prudent employers need to perform background checks on candidates. Conducting a background check, however, can be time- and labor-intensive. They can affect the bandwidth of an in-house human resources department and reduce the productivity of busy managers.

A staffing agency can increase productivity and make sure your company is performing at peak efficiency by performing background checks.

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