How Can Your Business Hire for Higher-Level Positions (And Save Time While Doing It)?

What happens when your organization needs to recruit for a higher-level position? Whether it’s for a C-suite executive, a director or a team leader, hiring at upper levels of your company can present challenges if not approached in the right way – especially if your human resources staff is used to recruiting for entry – or mid-level jobs. Many Human Resources departments are more familiar with these, simply because there are usually more entry – and mid-level positions in companies than higher level ones.

If it’s a challenge for your staff, it may also be time-consuming. The last thing you want is for a search to drag on for months, as you lack a key player on the team.

But there are many ways to make sure your search for a higher-level position is performed well – and quickly. Here are some tips.


Develop a job description for the position

The development of job descriptions is foundational for success in hiring in any position. Job descriptions need to specify the core capabilities desired, and the skills, educational background, and experience needed.

When you craft the job description, think of these and write a job description that will attract the kind of candidate you want.

Develop a success profile

A success profile includes elements the position could be expected to accomplish in order to be considered a success. A C-suite executive, for example, might be called upon to establish financial controls or move the company in a new direction. A sales director might be called upon to increase sales by a certain percentage.

A success profile is a key document for the interview process. Once you’ve developed it, focus your questions on what your company needs the position to do and what the job candidate’s strategy and plans would be to do it. How, for example, could a candidate for Chief Financial Officer establish financial controls? What has their experience been doing this? How might a Chief Marketing Officer move the company in a new direction? How would the Sales Director candidate focus on driving sales forward?

Then, use, these discussions when assessing whether the hire has met the expectations or not.

Need help in hiring and recruitment?

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