Looking for a New Healthcare Opportunity? Here’s How to Do it FAST!

If you’re looking for a job in healthcare, you’re in luck. The number of opportunities in healthcare are very high and expected to rise. New medical methods and technologies are driving some of the increase, as is the forecast climb in the number of older people. Older people, in general, need more healthcare and medical attention than younger ones.

If you want a job in healthcare fast, here are tips on what to do.


Look for positions that require little or no experience.

While many positions in healthcare require advanced degrees and certifications that take a long time to complete, not all do. If you want a job quickly, consider looking for one that requires little or no experience.

Home health aides, for example, don’t always require experience. Home health aides are frequently needed in homes with elderly or disabled people. A home health aide may do simple medical tasks, like ensuring patients are taking their medications regularly or taking temperatures. Many home health aides also help with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing or driving, or prepare light meals for patients unable to do so themselves. Home health aides can make approximately $20,000 per year.

Medical secretary is also a position that may require little or no experience, especially if you’ve had previous experience as a secretary. Medical secretaries work in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices, checking in patients, making appointments and ensuring they have the correct paperwork. They can make roughly $34,000 per year.

Look for positions in high demand.

Due to the number of healthcare positions available, there is high demand for many of them. High demand exists when there are not enough qualified people to fill all the open jobs.

Nurses, for example, are in high demand now and are expected to be in the future as well. The position usually requires a bachelor’s degree, although some institutions will hire with an associate (two-year) degree. The positions can pay roughly $70,000 per year.

Medical assistants are in even higher demand, at 29% yearly through 2026. Medical assistants deal with patients and may assist with minor medical procedures, such as taking vitals and giving shots. Medical assistants make roughly $44,000 per year.

Look for positions that don’t require lengthy training.

Nursing and other positions do require from two to four years of training. But many positions in healthcare don’t require as much. Home health aides, medical secretaries and medical assistants are all examples of positions that don’t require long training periods.

Another position that requires minimal training is a healthcare information technician (HIT). These positions require a two-year degree or a certificate to work with billing and coding in medical offices. The positions available have been growing since 2016 and employment is expected to have a 13% growth rate by 2026, paying roughly $40,000, based off the 2018 median pay.


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