Top Skills Recruiters Are Looking for in Machine Operators

Machine operators are in high demand. That’s no surprise; employment levels in the United States are at record levels, which leads to many positions being in high demand. However, machine operators need specific skills.

They need technical expertise

Machine operators perform activities related to the production, operation, inspection, and packaging of the machines used to make goods. They must be able to read blueprints and schematics. This technical literacy allows them to follow instructions to the letter with ease, resolve issues with production, and make suggestions for more efficient operation.

They need to be detail oriented

Even a small thing being incorrect or off in some way can cause a machine to stop or not perform properly. A machine operator who is highly detail oriented will be able to either avoid these issues or solve them when they occur.

Machine operators must have the ability to perform repetitive tasks without their attention waning. Attention to detail means they can engage tasks on an ongoing basis.

They need to be able to anticipate and fix problems

Machine operators must be able to fix minor problems that may occur during production or other processes. They should also be able to anticipate challenges and work to avoid them. While calling in a mechanic or technician can be important, machine operators should be able to fix minor problems themselves, without calling in anyone else.

They need to be proficient in handling heavy equipment

While not every machine is classified as heavy equipment, some of them are. Even if the specific machine an operator works on isn’t heavy equipment, they may have to interact with heavy equipment at some point.

A good machine operator needs to know how to properly handle heavy equipment. They need to be able to follow correct procedures and protocols for safe and effective handling. They may also need a certain amount of physical strength.

They need to be team players

A productive facility needs people to work together well. Machine operators often work at just one or two stations. However, they also need to interface well with other people and collaborate with teams.

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