How to Attract the Best Talent for Light Industrial Positions

Attracting high-quality talent to the light industrial workforce isn’t easy, especially in a tight job market like the one we are seeing today. Turnover can be high, so even if good workers walk in the door, they may walk out of the door sooner than you’d like. Even if you’re using temporary workers, it may be frustrating to find enough talent for your light industrial positions.

But a challenging environment doesn’t mean there aren’t best practices to follow to attract top talent. Here are four tips.

Make sure the compensation package is competitive

Employees spend their time at work in exchange for wages and benefits, and light industrial workers are no exception. You need to make sure what you’re offering at least matches what your competitors are offering. In fact, you might consider offering more to get the best workers. Word whether companies are good to work for. Do a survey of the going rates and benefits in your area.

Develop a profile of top workers

It’s a good idea to develop a profile of the capabilities, background and qualities you want your light industrial workers to have. Should they have one year of experience, or more, for example? Do you want to hire those who have demonstrated a strong work ethic and punctuality? What qualities do they need to fit your company’s culture? You can’t hit what you’re not aiming for, so having a profile makes your goal concrete.

Be honest with potential employees about the job

Always be honest with potential hires about the demands and parameters of the job. Don’t minimize the amount of physical effort. Many people may think of “light industrial” as moving an occasional box. If it turns out to be more than that, you run the risk of them becoming unhappy and looking for another position as a result. Be honest about the promotional paths as well. Don’t hire someone who expects to be moved up in three months if that’s unlikely to happen.

Establish a referral program

Finally, when you do attract great talent, be sure to capitalize on it! Establish a referral program so employees can recommend friends and family members. Workers who are good because of their work ethic or loyalty are likely to know people who also have these qualities. You can establish a strong pipeline of good workers with a referral program.


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