Reasons You Should Keep Your Resume Fresh

Know what one of the perils of having a long-term job is? Having an outdated resume. If you’ve been working in the same place for several years, your resume may not even show your current job – it could be from your last job search, which means it has your previous employer as the most current position.

And that’s a bad thing, for several reasons. First, you need to update your resume periodically to show your achievements (and any changes in title, of course). If you don’t update your resume, you may forget to add your award as employee of the month or your participation in the annual meeting.

Second, if your resume is old, it can a time-consuming and tedious to update.  You may even put off acting in your own best interest. But periodic updates to your resume take the time-consuming nature out of revising it.

Here are four reasons to keep your resume fresh and looking sharp.


You’re approached by a recruiter

You may be happy with your current job, or at least, not actively looking for a new one. But that doesn’t mean a recruiter won’t approach you. Especially in today’s tight job market, recruiters often put out feelers to employed people who have the qualifications they’re looking for, but are not actively job seeking. (By the way, make sure your updated resume is on LinkedIn, too, as many recruiters find people there.)

Even if you’re not interested in a new position, it can’t hurt to respond. Become part of the recruiter’s network, and you may be offered a better job in ways you didn’t foresee.

You see a possibility of promotion

If a promotional possibility opens where you work, it’s a good idea to go for it fast! It may close or change if you don’t. If you have an updated resume, you can apply the minute you see the posting/hear the rumor/talk to your mentor.

Updating your resume can also give your ideas for proposing a promotional path to your current supervisor. There are many ways to get promoted and all of them require a resume!

You want to pursue a side gig

If you are interested in moving in a different direction, a side gig can give you experience and insight into what a position would be like. Many people take side gigs to help them pay for things, such as a vacation.

A side gig will need an updated resume, just like any job.

You want a new job

Even if you like where you are, that could change at any time. Maybe your boss leaves, or your hours are reduced, or the company changes. And if you don’t feel positive about your job, you may decide to leave and find a place you like better.

Having a current resume lowers the barriers to looking for a new job. It makes it seem less daunting. If you keep it updated, all you have to do is, write a cover letter, and voila!


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