Top 5 Best Podcasts Focused on Career Success

Podcasts are wildly popular all over the U.S. While you can listen to topics ranging from true crime to scoops about your favorite streaming series, you can also listen to terrific podcasts that can help you succeed in your career. The beauty of podcasts, of course, is they allow you to take in information wherever you are, making them more convenient than books or magazines. Podcasts can be listened to as you’re commuting to work, cooking dinner or lying on the beach.

Here are five podcasts that focus on career success.

HBR IdeaCast.

This podcast is related to the venerable Harvard Business Review, a magazine aimed at top business leaders. It often disseminates the work of the Harvard Business School, one of the top business programs in the world. Podcast ideas can have direct and actionable information that affects your career, such as positioning yourself for a salary increase and working with a difficult boss.

Game Plan by Bloomberg News.

This podcast too is affiliated with a larger publication – in this case, Bloomberg News. The hosts often zero in on topics of interest to careers, such as job search techniques and how to develop leadership. They also focus on macro issues like the growth of artificial intelligence and contingent work.

Corner Office from Marketplace.

As the title implies, Corner Office talks to the C-suite. Guests have included famous chief executive officers like Brian Chesky, Jack Dorsey, and Elon Musk, all of whom are hard to catch for interviews. Guests discuss their career, their beliefs, and their challenges. Part of the larger radio streaming program Marketplace, which is part of NPR.

StartUp Podcast.

If your cup of tea runs more to scrappy startups than established CEOs, this podcast is for you. It also provides excellent advice on founding and running a startup, including recruiting your first employees to making sure you have (some) time for a personal life. The host is an entrepreneur and he discusses the development of his media company.

The Tim Ferriss Show.

This podcast covers both career and life management with people from all walks of life, including reclusive venture capitalists (Peter Thiel) and media stars (Jamie Foxx). The host takes an in-depth look at the life behind the career, with an emphasis on how they worked toward success – and handled failure.

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