Quick Tips to Improve Your Company’s Culture

A vibrant and positive company culture can be a huge asset to a business. Many top leaders feel it is a large factor in company success overall. Why? Because a company culture that can excite employees about working for a company, and make them feel appreciated, can foster good morale, strong teamwork and high job satisfaction. As a result, hiring and retention are likely to go well, and productivity be at a peak. 

But what if you need to improve your company’s culture? That can seem like a tall order, since “culture” encompasses everything from corporate values to the type of employee who thrives. But it can be done. Here are some quick tips. 

Start With Goals

You need to have specific end goals in mind about how you want the company culture to improve. Specify what needs to be changed. Do you want a higher degree of teamwork? More job satisfaction? Enhanced identification with, and loyalty to, the company? Then specify what measures will be used to determine when the goals will be reached. Results of a survey? Retention figures? 

Build on the Current Culture

Employee identification with a company’s culture can be very strong. As a result, wholesale changes in the culture are unlikely to work well. Identify positive elements in the current culture and build on them. Do a group of people always show up for karaoke night, for example? If the goal is to build teamwork, choose successful displays of them and integrate them more broadly and more frequently into the culture.  

Be Positive

Many changes to a company culture can be affected by stressing the positive. If you want to build more teamwork, loyalty and job satisfaction, for instance, start with expressing gratitude to employees. Build a culture where it’s normal to thank your colleagues for work well done, or even a cheerful attitude.  

 Be Transparent About Company Goals

Employees tend to get on board with company goals when they know what they are and how they are contributing. If the company’s goal is to become a leading player in its field, for example, have a company wide meeting in which that plan is discussed. Then, break down how the work process is supposed to support that (New software? Enhanced team structure? More frequent reporting, etc.).  

Reward Top Performers

One of the best ways to make people understand the change in company culture you want to see is to reward people who exemplify the culture. If one team displays a high level of teamwork, for example, make them “Team of the Month. Explain in an e-newsletter why they are team of the month, and how other teams can work toward that designation. 


Partner With a Staffing Agency!

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