Why Being Bilingual Will Advance You In the Job Search

In today’s world, the ability to speak two or more languages is increasingly an asset in the business world. It can be an enhancement to landing a job, being promoted, and being paid more.  

Here’s how being bilingual helps you in the job search. 


It’s an advantage in landing a job.

Be sure to foreground the languages you’re fluent in while constructing a resume, because being bilingual can help you in obtaining the job, for several reasons.  

First, many businesses serve customers who may speak several languages. Languages such as Spanish and Chinese are much more broadly expressed in the United States than they once were, and in some communities, other languages may be very prevalent as well. Businesses that do business with these customers want employees fluent in these languages. So do firms who do business overseas. 

Second, businesses are also increasingly seeking employees who contribute to diversity. The United States is a more diverse nation than it once was, and in the future, it will be even more so. Bilingual ability can be viewed as a contribution to more diversity and more cultural sensitivity. 

It can lead to promotions.

Because many companies serve bilingual customers (or customers who may speak one language other than English), they are more likely to promote employees with these strengths. 

You can also be promoted if your company decides to open an office or branch in another country whose language you speak. A firm opening up an office in Mexico or South American will be more likely to appreciate your strengths if you speak Spanish. 

It can lead to higher pay.

The ability to speak a language other than English is a specialized skill. In that way, it’s analogous to other specialized skills, such as computer programming ability or advanced educational training. 

As a result, being bilingual is likely to pay from 5% to 20% more, depending on the position. Also, because most salary increases are based on a percentage of one’s pay, a higher starting salary can make each increase you receive worth more than it otherwise would have been. 


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