Tired of Coasting? It’s 2020 – Time for a New Job

Do you ever feel like you’re coasting on the job? You lack enthusiasm; you’re not particularly engaged in your work; you phone it in and do the bare minimum. 

 Well, that can be a sign that you’re burned out on the job. Burnout takes many forms. It can feel like overwork, but it can also feel like boredom. You don’t want to get up on Monday morning. You don’t want to do task X at work one more time. You can’t be bothered with the effort. 

It’s time to look for solutions. And the best solution could be finding a new job. Here are some tips on why. 


A new job provides a change of scene. 

If you’ve been doing the same thing with the same people for an extended period, part of your desire to coast could be boredom. A new job provides new opportunities and new people. It offers multiple opportunities to re-engage with your job, which helps both your outlook and your actual job performance. 


A new job can offer new opportunities. 

Burnout and a desire to coast can also be caused by a lack of promotional opportunities and no clear path forward. This can be particularly strong if you’ve been passed over for opportunities in the past. As you begin to job search, you can become re-energized by possibilities for a path forward. A new position could offer promotional routes that provide reconnection to your job. 

A new job can re-ignite your desire to impress. 

It’s only natural to want to impress your boss and your coworkers. But if you are coasting, you have likely lost any desire to impress them with your performance and dedication. Perhaps they have come to take you for granted no matter what you do. In a new job, you will want to dazzle. 


Let us help you find a new job?

Staying energetic and content in your work is about finding a position that meets your unique skills, demands, and ambitions. At Expert Staffing, we specialize in matching talented professionals with jobs that will allow them to grow while they expand their capabilities and comfort zone. To learn more about promising positions in your field, contact us today. 

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