What Is the Value in Creating a Safe Workplace?

Ever wonder why safety in the workplace has to be created and maintained? At times, it may seem like the costs in terms of time, equipment, education, and maintenance activities might outweigh the benefits. Believe us; they don’t.  

Here are four ways that a safe workplace adds value to an organization. 

Improving Morale

The fact is, no employee wants to feel like they are at risk of an accident –a fall, being hurt by malfunctioning equipment or hit by moving vehicles in a warehouse, for example. Employees are in a position to see the genuine dangers in an unsafe workplace. Guards missing from a piece of equipment or debris piled up so that vehicles can’t see them are clear violations of safety standards where employees can come into contact.  

If employees see a workplace that doesn’t care about their safety, their morale will suffer. Frankly, they may come to not care about their performance as a result or the company. 


Ensuring Peak Productivity

Maintaining a safe workplace isn’t just about safety. It also supports peak productivity. How? Well, an unsafe workplace can be one where workers can’t perform at peak. Someone who works with saws may have to clean up wood savings or other debris from a workspace before they can begin to do their work. A machinist may have to re-fit a guard over the gears before they can start. 

Safe workplaces are functional and clean, and they are that way all the time. Functionality and cleanliness lead to optimized productivity.  


Compliance With Regulations

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specific guidelines and regulations that must be followed. Individual states and industries often have regulations on workplace safety, as well. 

If your company violates these standards, it could be penalized. The penalties can include fines or be mandated to bring the workplace up to standards. Penalties can cost and can impact productivity negatively. 


Risk Management

Unsafe workplaces can be dangerous both to employees and managers. Both can become injured or sick. People who work for the company can potentially file complaints if they feel that the company’s actions caused an injury or illness. Whether the claim is valid or not, dealing with it can cost your company both in money and time. 

Creating a safe workplace removes the risk of an employee complaint, and is thus part of prudent risk management.  


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