Struggling to Fill a Job No One Wants?

There are few elements more challenging in the life of a manager than repeatedly trying to fill a job…that it seems no one wants. You can receive multiple indications of such a problem. Maybe you’re receiving just a smattering of resumes. Perhaps the candidates seem unqualified when they show up. Or, candidates may not show up for interviews or even ghost requests for an interview. Maybe you offer a candidate the position only to find they don’t accept.  

No matter what the reason is, the result is the same. You’ve spent time and money recruiting to fill an open position, and your net result is zip. You and the managers involved feel frustrated and even angry. You need a job to be filled to maximize productivity. 

Candidates are becoming more challenging to find and recruit; it’s not your imagination. The employment rate is the highest it’s been in 50 yearsAs a result, the number of people seeking jobs is the lowest it’s been in nearly 20 years. 

The best solution may be to partner with a staffing agency for hard-to-fill jobs. They can help you in the following ways. 


Identify Issues

If you’re getting the impression no one wants a job you offer, you need to figure out the factors to blame. A staffing agency has depth and breadth in viewing the jobs available in a particular locale and can advise you.  

Is the job inherently undesirable in some way, for example? Is pay on the low side, or the conditions not ideal, or the shifts difficult for people to manage (such as night shifts)? Many people, for example, want to move from manual labor or repetitive labor if they have a chance – and they may have an opportunity in this job market. 

You need to get a handle on why no one seems to want your job first. Then, you need to fix the issues you find to the best of your ability. 


Analyze your company vis-à-vis competitors.

A staffing agency can also review your company’s desirability versus competitors. Similar companies may be getting the available candidates because their pay scales are higher, or their benefits more attractive. They may offer flex time, child care, or other attractive benefits. 

If competitors are perceived as more attractive, your company may need to at least match them to compete. 


Access to a broad network.

Some issues that may seem to be job-related may be related to recruitment methods. Perhaps you’ve been advertising in an online newspaper that your target employee cohort doesn’t read. You may need to promote the job more broadly. 

A staffing agency has a network of people to call on. They know who is looking for a job or who may be looking for a new opportunity. They can also help you craft a search strategy and review job descriptions. 


Partner With Expert Staffing!

At Expert Staffing, we know exactly what it takes to meet your staffing needs. We’re eager to start working with you to find a strategy that works! To learn more about talented part-time, full-time, and temporary job seekers in your area, contact us today. 

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