Creating a Culture that Attracts Employees

Good managers strive to create a culture that actively attracts employees. No, we don’t mean casting a network just to fill job openings, although that’s important. We expect a culture that fosters engagement in the workplace, secure retention, and job satisfaction. 

Let’s put it this way: Companies whose cultures foster engagement and satisfaction will attract top performers and make them far less likely to leave. Turnover is just 14% when employees like a culture. If they don’t, it’s 48%. High turnover impacts your productivity and drives employee replacement costs upward. 

So, how can you develop a culture that attracts employees? Read on. 


Plan Your Culture

Company cultures need planning to ensure that they attract and retain top-flight employees. Plus, you need to determine what kind of culture you are and expect incentives for those employees.  

Are you a hard-driving company that expects employees to be available 24/7, for example? Or do you want a more relaxed atmosphere that allows – and encourages – work-life balance?  


Offer Incentives Employees Want

Second, whatever your culture is, incentivize employees by offering what they want. 

Millennials, according to numerous studies, cherish work-life balance. Find a way to offer that. If your company already encourages work-life balance, you’re already there. Just publicize it as a calling card for your company. 

What if you’re a hard-charging culture, though? Well, there are still many ways to incentivize work-life balance. What about offering top performers work at home days if their job accommodates it. Or what about unlimited vacation time after a certain period of service? 

Another contemporary benefit employees want are opportunities for self-care. Whether it’s an on-site gym, discounts at local gyms, lunch lectures about how to eat healthily, or a personal day, all elements that can contribute toward good self-care are likely to be appreciated. 


Ask Your Employees

While both these incentives can be valuable, it’s also an excellent idea to ask your current employees about the company culture. Develop a questionnaire, for instance, that asks them to rate certain benefits in terms of desirability and ability to attract them to the company and make them stay. 

You might find out that they would love a more generous retirement package or would like flexible paid time off rather than a certain number of vacation days and sick days.  

Finally, employees are likely to feel attracted by a culture that values their opinion – and few better ways exist to show that than asking for their opinion. 


Let Expert Staffing Be Your Partner!

At Expert Staffing, we’re happy to work with you to develop strategies for attracting and retaining top-performing employees. To learn more about talented part-time, full-time, and temporary job seekers in your area, contact us today. 

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