4 Ways You Can Tell a Company Values You

Ever wonder if your company values you and your contribution? It can make the difference between being happy where you are and beginning to actively search for a new job where they will appreciate you. 

Here are four things that let you know you are valued. 


They Appreciate You

Most employers, if asked, would say that they appreciate their employees. But to be real, appreciation has to be tangible. Sincere gratitude comes in the form of robust raises, promotional opportunities, and assignments that give you more visibility and thus more room to grow. Appreciation is also increasingly shown through opportunities to work flexibly from home. 

Gestures toward appreciation that don’t include any of these tangible things mean they are taking you for granted, despite what they say. 

They Place You on a Management Track

When people are promoted, their roles and responsibilities increase. Eventually, if promotions continue, they are placed on a management track, which comes with entirely new responsibilities – training and promoting a staff yourself, for example, and interfacing with upper management. 

The longer you stay in a position or a company that doesn’t place you on a management track, the more likely you are to be ignored for promotions and opportunities going forward. 

They Respect Your Personal Time

Even though many companies expect employees to check e-mail and other things on a 24/7 basis, a company that values you will respect your personal time. In other words, once quitting time comes, they don’t act aggrieved if you won’t put in more time. If you are on vacation, they don’t interrupt you with work-related requests. 

Every employee deserves a personal life and time to rest and recharge. A company that won’t give you this doesn’t respect you sufficiently to value you. 

They Encourage Education

A company that values you will respect your educational attainments and encourage education as a path to growth. If you are currently taking classes, for instance, they will attempt to integrate your learning with your job. They may even provide flex time for the pursuit of higher education or link higher education to a promotional path. 

A company that doesn’t value you, on the other hand won’t encourage further education and may even ignore any courses you take or attempts to broaden your role based on education. 


Plan to Start a Job Search?

If you’re not appreciated where you are, do you plan to seek job satisfaction somewhere else? That means assessing your unique skills and ambitions. At Expert Staffing, we specialize in matching talented professionals with positions that will increase their job satisfaction. To learn more about promising positions in your field, contact us today. 

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