How to Get Your Company to Bring You On Full-Time

If you’ve taken a temporary or part-time position, what can you do to get the company to bring you on full time? It could be you always wanted full-time work for the stability or salary, or suddenly realized that the company was great and now want to work there always. In either case, here’s how best to position yourself to move into full-time status. 

Do great work.

If there’s a single best way to move from temp to perm, this is it! Companies want to hire the best people they can. Turning on top-notch performance, day in and day out should impress the hiring managers (and your agency!). 

Some companies who hire temps or part-time intend it as a try-out period and make permanent hiring decisions based on performance. Others may simply be wowed by your work and prepare a place for you. 


Be responsible.

You can distinguish yourself by being very responsible. Show up on time or a bit early every day. Stay a bit late, and don’t watch the clock. If you’re sick or have a scheduling conflict, tell your agency right away.  

Be flexible with the company needs; if they need you longer than initially planned, be accommodating. 

Being responsible also includes being proactive. If you don’t understand something, ask. If you experience some downtime while at the company, ask if there’s anything else you can do. 


Follow the company culture.

All companies have a culture. Culture is expressed in many ways, from the way people dress to what they do after work.  

Note instances of the company culture in action. Does everyone wear jeans and a t-shirt, for example, or is more formal clothing worn? Do people arrive early and begin work immediately, or do they hang, chat, and sip coffee for a few minutes? 

Then, follow the company culture. You need to fit to be accepted and taken on full-time. If everyone discusses basketball or music, share your interests and knowledge on those subjects (or brush up if you need to). 


Network, network, network.

You need to network proactively. Introduce yourself around the department if you haven’t been introduced. Chat with everyone. Get to know them. 

If you’re invited to lunch or other group activities, make it a point to go. 


Make your availability known.

Finally, make your availability known, in a tactful way. Yes, make it known to your staffing agency first! Your staffing agency is your supervisor in temp positions 

If the person who gives you assignments on-site asks if you’re available for permanent work, tell them yes. Then, let the staffing agency know as well. 

What type of jobs interest you?

No matter what type of experience you have, we have exciting temporary, part-time, and temp to perm opportunities waiting for you. To find out more, contact us today. 

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