National Safety Month: How Is the Digital Age Impacting Safety Standards

Safety is a crucial element in warehouses, manufacturing plants and other industries throughout the United States – and no time is a better time to be reminded of this than June, National Safety Month.  

Strong safety records maximize productivity and worker loyalty at the same time. Many safety standards and reminders are communicated both to employees and managers. Time was, this communication took place via low tech methods, like posters in break rooms or newsletter reminders.  

But today’s workforce is more digital and mobile than back in the day. As a result, digital technology can increase both communication and connectivity across the board. Here are three ways that the digital age can be used to affect safety standards in your company.  


Large Digital Screens on the Floor

The first digital method is large digital screens prominently displayed on the floor(s) where employees work. Digital screens can display the “x days since last accident” message that used to be displayed on posters. They can also remind workers of selected safety goals, such as always remembering to wear their safety equipment. 

The beauty of large digital screens is that they can be easily retooled to display the most relevant and up-to-date messaging. Digital screens can also be customized to reflect the predominant language of employees, to align safety messages with seasons, and more. 


Desktop Dashboards

Desktop dashboards are an ideal place to reflect the message of the massive digital screens. Managers can communicate and refine safety messages to employees. 

Desktop dashboards should continually feed safety messages as a method of emphasizing the importance of safety. 


Mobile Devices

Many employees see mobile devices as a primary channel of communication, particularly in the Millennial generation. Managers who tailor safety information to mobile devices as a result. Make sure that any texts are brief and to the point.  

It’s a good idea to design and write safety information in a way that is easily accessible and readable on mobile devices.  

Managers can also design questionnaires and checklists for mobile devices as a way of promoting interactive engagement with employees on safety. 


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