Tips for Transitioning Back into Work After Being Unemployed

Being unemployed can be stressful in the best of times. You don’t have a salary, and you don’t have the structure and rewards that come from having a job. Currently, being long-term unemployed may be more stressful than it usually is, due to the effects of the coronavirus crisis. Some sectors and industries have been hit especially hard, which means people working in those sectors can face longer than usual unemployment periods. 

Many people go through periods of long-term unemployment as a result of family responsibilities or illness. Whatever the cause, you might be wondering how to begin a search again. Then, once you get a job, how do you transition back into the routine of working? Here are some tips for both. 


Stay Optimistic and Focused

The key to not becoming burnt out on job searching is to remain optimistic. You will get a job eventually as long as you stay focused on getting one. Remember, every rejection brings you closer to yes. 

Dedicate a few hours a day to pursuing a jobStay in touch with your network and look at job postings. Then, reward yourself with something fun or soul-nourishing. Don’t stress or obsess about finding a job once your dedicated daily search time is over. 


Follow a Daily Routine

Your transition to a job will be easier if you follow a daily routine when you don’t have a job. Set up a daily routine in which you must do certain things each day. Your daily routine during unemployment could be exercise, walking your cat or dog, cooking, or volunteering. In a job, you must do certain things each day, so the more you commit to certain tasks every day while searching, the easier the transition to a daily structure will be.  

Don’t fall into the trap of staying up late, sleeping late, and streaming endless television shows during a period of unemployment, for example. If you do, your transition back to a 9-to-5 job will be harder, because you’ve fallen outside of the routine required for most jobs. You’ll also become more prone to depression and feeling like you’ll never find a job! 


Consider Temporary Work

Temporary work can be an ideal transition for people who’ve been unemployed for a long period of time. First, it provides a salary, so it can relieve stress if that’s a concern for you. Second, temporary work provides a work structure to ease back into work. 

Third, and perhaps most importantly, many employers use temp work as a way to try out potential new employees — permanent ones! Temping lets both you and the employer know whether or not you are good at the job, fit in culturally at the company, and get along with potential co-workers. 

The range of temp jobs can also provide you with new skills and opportunities. The more you develop these, the greater your chances of landing a job. 


What type of job are you interested in finding?

Looking for a job after a long period of unemployment? Contact Expert Staffing today. No matter what type of work experience you have, there are exciting opportunities, both temporary and permanent, waiting for you in a wide range of fields.  

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