Leading a Team When You Have Lost Your Passion

Leading a team is great when you have a passion — for leadership, for the company’s vision, for maximizing your team’s talents, or whatever other capabilities you bring to the table. But it can become not so great if you’ve lost your passion. 

Losing Passion: Why It Happens

Why do people lose passion for something they care about, such as their job? In some cases, the job may change. Perhaps new management is brought in, with more focus on sales and data analysis than the old team. If you bring unique factors to the table that are not sales driven, you may feel that the appreciation you once felt from upper management is there no longer.  

In other cases, you may feel you’ve reached the peak of what you can do at a specific company. Perhaps your company is very by the book, and you’d like to grow in a more entrepreneurial environment. 

People can also lose passion not because the company has changed, but because they have. Perhaps the company you’re with trained you in a specific position, but you’d like to use that training in a new position. 


How To Regain Your Passion

Whatever the circumstances were that caused you to lose your passion, your path is clear. You need to regain your passion! The issue ahead of you is: How can you do that?  

First, analyze what caused you to lose passion for the position you now hold. Is there any way you can regain it by discussing the situation with your current management team or your supervisor? 

Second, consider searching for a new job. When you had passion what fostered it? Did you like to strategize new plans? Train employees? Streamline costs? Whatever it was, you will likely thrive in positions where you meet challenges like that again. 

Third, revamp your resume to aid in a new job search. Stress the achievements and skills that could ignite your passion in a new position. 


Work with a staffing agency.

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