Is it Time for a Fresh Start?

Everyone sometimes needs a fresh start. In a job, that can be a new position or even an entirely new journey, to a new career. But how do you know when it’s time for a fresh start or new journey? Pay attention if you’ve encountered any of the following feelings. Just like your body can tell you when you’re in physical pain, emotions let you know you’re not happy where you are. 

Signs You Need a New Start

You’re bored…

You might feel overtly bored by certain tasks – like, “oh, no, it’s time to centralize the team’s calendars again??” But boredom manifests in other ways as well. You may feel extremely tired when facing certain tasks. You might feel drained, or even like you’d rather not come to work.  

Boredom is a sign that you’re not being challenged where you are. It can lead to demotivation. Even worse, boredom can cause you to perform at less than your best – and that can lead to repercussions on the job. It’s better to move on before boredom have negative effects. 


You feel stuck…

If you feel stuck, you may know you need a new job. Maybe the job that once seemed so promising holds no new vistas – you know the drill, and have done it hundreds of times. Maybe you’ve come to realize that a promotion is not going to materialize. You’d like to move up, but it’s unlikely to happen where you are. 

You may have gone so far as to think “I need a breakthrough to become unstuck.” That’s progress! Time to do it! 


You’re depressed…

Like boredom, depression can show itself in all sorts of forms. You may just feel blue or sad. But you may also be chronically late. You may find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, or take refuge in lots of late night television binges. Depression can also take over your life, leading to lots of clutter in your living space, overeating, lack of exercise or other lack of good self-care. 

Making a plan can help snap you out of depression, one step at a time. 


How to Make a Fresh Start

One of the best ways to make a fresh start on a job is to make a fresh start in other areas of your life. Make over a room in your home, for example, with fresh paint and new furniture. Clean house from top to bottom. Or, go on a vacation. 

Once you’re done, start looking for that reset – with a new job. 


Looking for a fresh start?

At Expert Staffing, we take pride in helping people find new jobs that meet their skills and capabilities. To find out how to connect with an amazing job in your industry, contact a consultant today. 

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