How Can Your Human Resources Team Take Advantage of a Staffing Agency?

Does your Human Resources team need a staffing agency? Working with a staffing agency can bring significant benefits to your company overall, and to HR specifically. Here’s a brief overview of what staffing agencies can bring to the table. 

Staffing agencies can save time.

Many HR staffers (and hiring managers) may sigh inside when they need to hire. Why? Because many of the activities involved in hiring a new staff member are time-consuming – and take HR away from other, perhaps more value-added tasksCreating or revising a job description can take hours. So can deciding where to post a job. And that’s to say nothing of the time involved in screening resumes, running background checks, and so on. 

Staffing agencies like Expert Staffing can create job descriptions, help post jobs, screen resumes, and perform background checks. Your HR team becomes much more efficient due to the removal of a time burden. 


Staffing agencies provide expertise.

HR is an ever-changing world. Six months ago, for instance, employment was at an all-time high. It was difficult to find qualified employees, and wages were on the rise. Now, unemployment is at an all-time high. The challenge has completely reversed in some fields, to become the difficulty of screening many more resumes than unusual (or working from home due to the coronavirus crisis). Salaries may be softening, not rising. 

Expert Staffing can provide expertise about trends in the employment market, no matter what the current challenges are. They can be valuable sources of knowledge on salary ranges in your area and on standard benefits packages among your competitors, for example.  

They can provide advice on how best to recruit employees in a given market and how to be the employer of choice in an area. Expert Staffing can also provide up-to-date knowledge on laws and regulations, such as sexual harassment and other policies. 


Staffing agencies offer access to larger candidate pools.

One of the most significant recruiting challenges facing HR teams is often the candidate pool. The first round of resumes may simply not yield enough qualified candidates or candidates who don’t possess the key capabilities.

Expert Staffing can solve the problem of inadequate candidate pools. First, they have access to a large number of potential candidates in a given field. Staffing recruiters specifically keep in touch with people in multiple fields.  

Second, they know many strategies for increasing or changing the mix of a candidate pool. They can suggest posting venues. They can also reach out to qualified candidates who may not be actively looking, but who may be receptive to an offer. 


Let your HR team partner with a staffing agency that helps them.

Expert Staffing recruiters can help your HR team in these and many other ways. We keep abreast of the job market and employment trends and can handle multiple tasks in recruitment, such as crafting job descriptions, screening resumes, and performing background checks.

To learn more about our services, contact us today. 

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