How Social Media Can Help Your Employment Search

If you think of social media as primarily social, it’s time to recalibrate! Many employers use social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook to find and evaluate job candidates. Yes, there are opportunities everywhere! Here’s how to make the most of social media during your job search. 


Use social media to find job postings.

LinkedIn is one of the main sites you can use to search for available jobs. Just go to the “jobs” tab in the upper right and enter your search terms. 

No job-seeker should be without a full and up-to-date LinkedIn profile. Many open jobs on LinkedIn can be applied simply by using your profile. Your profile should include your background and experience, just as your resume does. In addition, you can add testimonials and recommendations that can impress a company. If relevant, you can add samples of your work. 

You can also go to and filter by type of job, industry category, and other information, such as full or part-time. Many companies also advertise on Facebook. While your Facebook profile doesn’t need to be business-oriented (that’s LinkedIn’s job!), be sure to remove anything a hiring company could view as unprofessional. 


Connect with employers and recruiters on LinkedIn.

Networking can be a crucial component of finding a job. LinkedIn provides a great networking opportunity via its messaging feature. You can message an employer about job, follow up on an interview, and more through LinkedIn. 

You can also connect with recruiters both in your area (and outside of it, if you work remotely). Recruiters often keep a file of job-seekers for future openings, so it can increase your job search reach to connect with active recruiters. 


Network with current and future employees. 

Don’t limit your networking to companies and recruiters! Current and future employees of a firm you are interested in working for can really help you in a job search.  

First, a certain percentage of available jobs aren’t publicly advertised. Companies may need someone to fill a position but not have gotten around to posting it. Or, they may be waiting for a new year or a new product launch. If you are connected to employees, however, they may know of an unadvertised opening – and let you know about it. 

Second, many employers prefer to hire someone who knows current employees. They feel it contributes to a strong company culture and fosters good teamwork. If you can point out in a cover letter than you heard of an opening from a friend or acquittance, your chances of being hired are bolstered. 


What type of career interests you?

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