Do You Need a Resume to Get a Job?

If you’re job searching, you may be wondering if you need a resume to get a job. Well, the answer is yes! Having a resume is not only a necessity, but it can also make getting a job easier. Here’s how resumes work for you. 


Resumes display your qualifications.

You might have heard of people grabbing a job and never needing a resume. But that’s in fact, very rare (and usually limited to those that know someone at the company). Why? Because resumes are a standard job-search tool. They’re designed to make a prospective employer say, “hey! Let’s get this person in for an interview.” 

Resumes display your qualifications in an at-a-glance style that’s easy for the prospective employer to review and grasp. With a resume, your employer can see the skills you have and your achievements, education, where you’ve worked, and job titles. Without a resume, your employer doesn’t necessarily know any of those things. 


Resumes match you to the job.

When employers look for certain skills and qualifications, they write a job description that specifies those qualities. Your resume needs to show that you match the skills and other qualifications in the job description. If they mention three years of warehouse packing experience, in other words, they want to only see resumes of people that possess that experience. 

So when a hiring manager or human resources person reviews incoming resumes, one of the crucial factors they look for is whether you match the job description or not. Your resume is the place to make it through the screening but making it clear that you meet the qualifications in the job description. 


Resumes can sell your achievements to an employer.

Prospective employers are interested in what you can do for them. Resumes should include quantifiable achievements, such as ways you contributed to the bottom line or saved costs. Why? Because generally, employers believe that if you achieved something significant for one employer, you’d achieve a similar thing for another! 

Use the top half of your resume to call out specific, measurable achievements if you can, using bullets or other standard, easy-to-see graphics, as a selling point to the interviewer. 


Are You a Job-Seeker?

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