Dead-End Interview? Here Is How You Can Politely Wrap it Up

Every once in awhile, hiring managers begin an interview … and then realize that the interview is a dead end. The candidate isn’t who you’re looking for. There’s no reason to continue the interview since it isn’t going anywhere, and the candidate isn’t who you are looking for.  

But how should you wrap up a dead-end interview? Here are several tips.  


Wrap Up Politely

The operative word here is “polite.” A non-alignment like this might be due to issues with resumes or reviews of candidates or the interviewees themselves. But it doesn’t matter in terms of how you handle the matter. Don’t cast any blame or show annoyance. 

Your goal is to be pleasant and professional. If you’re not, word may get around and negatively affect the image of your firm. 


Thank the Interviewee for Their Time

Remember that regardless of the situation, the interviewee got up and dressed that morning thinking an interview would take place. They may need a job or have been looking forward to discussing yours. 

So genuinely thank them for taking the time to come in. The interviewee is part of the web of people who access your company and should leave feeling appreciated as a potential interviewee, if not a potential employee. 


Offer a Reason

You want to forestall a lot of questions about why the interview isn’t lasting longer. For that matter, you also want to head off any queries in the future about why the person didn’t get the job (or queries from this interviewee about when you’ll make a decision). 

Offer them a brief, thumbnail reason. People will accept a reason if it’s promptly given and accords with the facts. If, for example, the interviewee doesn’t have certain skills, tell them that the role needs those skills and that the job search will go forward until a candidate with them is found. 


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