4 Ways to Ensure Diversity at Your Company

Hiring for diversity has become a massive issue in America, fighting for racial and ethnic equality and fair treatment. These issues also stem from the increasing diversity of the United States. 

But how can companies ensure they are hiring for diversity? Here are four ways to do so. 


Grow Your Outreach and Networking Pipelines

If your company needs more diversity, it’s unlikely to come from the same outreach programs and hiring networking you’ve been using. Explore the pipelines in schools, training programs, internships, and other programs. If they aren’t sufficiently diverse, it may be time to seek other alternatives that do offer diversity. 

The same applies to job fairs and venues where your job descriptions may run, such as professional publications. Talk about their ability to provide diverse applications frankly, and make any changes needed. 


Create Specific Training Programs and Policies

New approaches to concerns that have existed in the past require training and policies to implement. Businesses wanting more diversity need to implement training programs and policies on working with a more diverse group, including definitions of antiracism, what constitutes microaggressions, and more. 

An analogy can be found in sexual harassment. At once point, it wasn’t considered an official business concern. Now it is, and employers should offer clear guidelines on what it is and policies to follow if they are subject to it. Antiracism and diversity policies should do the same for their respective goals. 


Set Up Accountable Goals

Businesses routinely publicize their goals for financial results and product/service provisions. Publicizing diversity goals should be handled in an analogous fashion. Whether the goal is some percentage of new hiring or increasing diversity in the corporate suite, making it public makes it clear that the goal is genuine. 

Set up a series of smaller objectives to be reached on the way to your larger goals, so that you can encourage accountability in the short and long term. 


Welcome Diverse Employees and Managers

Part of increasing diversity will be creating a space in which diverse employees and managers feel welcome and valued for their contributions. They should feel comfortable and part of the team. 


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