What Is Your Priority as a Manager?

It’s very easy to become overly busy as a manager. In fact, many would say it comes with the territory! But you also must show and demonstrate the ability to prioritize and manage. So how can you do those things instead of being overwhelmed with work from every direction? Here’s how. 


Prioritize by looking at your goals.

Remember, all companies are goal-driven. You should have a clear set of goals from your own manager. The first step to take is to prioritize by looking at your goals. 

Anything that furthers your goals in a meaningful way is a priority. If you need to increase production as the primary goal, and that takes more employees, bringing on more employees is your first priority. 

Anything that doesn’t further your goals isn’t a priority. An employee looking for mentorship or feedback, for example, should be treated politely, but such conversations are not a top priority because they aren’t linked to your goals. 


Plan for goal achievement.

Plan your working time to foster goal achievement. It’s a good idea to map out the big picture of what you need to achieve over a quarter or even a year. If it’s hiring and training three new people, job down the steps you’ll need to take for each (create job descriptions, post, review resumes, set up interviews, interview, choose, hire, for example). 

Then, plan out how you’ll move toward each goal every month, breaking down separate tasks into week and day. Use a system that lets you roll over steps to other days. Things inevitably may need to be switched around, but the important thing is developing a realistic time map for goal achievement. 


Delegate non-priority tasks.

For your non-priority tasks, delegate, delegate, delegate. Could a trusted subordinate have the mentorship and feedback conversation, for example? If you’re tapped for non-priority tasks such as contributing to the online newsletter, might an employee be happy to fulfill the role instead? 

Remember, achievement at work is linked to goal achievement. Set your management priorities accordingly. 


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