Setting Yourself Up for Success in 2021

There’s no two ways about it: 2020 has been a bad to terrible year for many people in the U.S. Even if it hasn’t been for you personally, it’s easy to read the headlines or listen to friends and relatives and become discouraged. The economy is bad; many employers aren’t hiring.  

But the key to a successful job search in 2021 in many ways depends on creating success for 2021. How can you do that? How can you start the year with a positive outlook and mindset? Here’s some tips. 

Be flexible

When the economy is good, job-seekers can stay in their lane. If you’re always worked in a field, you can usually find a new position within that field. 

But in tough economic times, you may need to be more flexible. Many industries have been hard hit due to COVID-19. For example, if you work in travel or restaurants, there may be few jobs available before the pandemic starts to ease. But many other industries have had banner years. Home delivery companies and virtual conferencing, for example, are doing very well.  

The solution? Be flexible. Look for positions that match your skills in flourishing industries. If you work in an industry that may pick up once the pandemic lessens, think about taking temporary positions until the economy looks better. 

Remember that you just need one job.

It’s easy to become discouraged if you’re being turned down for jobs (or not seeing many posted). In those cases, remember: you just need one job. One job will come along. Focusing on that will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. 

Target activities that will lead to your getting that one job. Send out as many resumes as you can. Tailor your resume to each position to increase your chances.  

Look beyond postings. Set up informational interviews. Let family and friends know you are looking. Word-of-mouth often uncovers positions that are not advertised. Partner with staffing agencies, who often know of unadvertised positions. 

Reward yourself for job searching

Not every activity you take on the job search will pan out. As a result, it’s important to keep motivated by rewarding yourself every day. 

Reward yourself every day for the job-searching activities you are doing. Have you searched job postings for two hours? Then take a break. Take a relaxing bubble bath or a walk—Cook a great meal. Play with your cat or dog. 

Choose something that replenishes and nourishes you. That way, you can progress on the job search every day. 

Moving forward in 2021?

Looking for a new position in the new year? At Expert Staffing, we specialize in matching talented professionals with jobs that will allow them to thrive while learning new skills. To learn more about promising positions, contact us today. 

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