Will Using a Staffing Agency to Find a Job Cost Money?

Job hunting can cost money, from gas to drive to interviews to new shoes But does using a staffing agency to find a job cost money? 

You might assume that it does. After all, many staffing agencies have fancy logos advertising their name and formal-looking offices. 

But in fact, it’s the opposite. Using a staffing agency never costs the job seeker money. Using a staffing agency won’t cost you a cent. 

The Companies Pay Staffing Agencies 

How can staffing agencies operate, then? It’s simple. The hiring companies pay staffing agencies, not the job seeker. 

Let’s say Company X runs a warehouse. Their main business is running warehouses. While they may have a human resources department, it may not focus on hiring. The company contracts with a staffing agency to do their hiring.  

The staffing agency may do everything from running job ads to interviewing people. 

Advantages to Job Hunters 

That’s why, if you’re looking for a job, it’s really to your advantage to go to a staffing agency, for several reasons 

Many staffing agencies recruit for multiple positions. You may apply to one position that a staffing agency has posted. But what if it’s already filled? Once they have your application, they may also contact you about other positions they know about – that might not be advertised 

That increases your chance of getting a job.  

Many employers also work exclusively with staffing companies. Even if you send a resume to a company, they may never contact youWhat if you keep an eye out for a local company when you search want ads, but never see one. Does this mean they never have jobs open? No, it means their openings are handled through a staffing agency. 

Not only that, but staffing agencies often work in several different industries. What if you worked for consumer products company in shipping, but a medical supply company needs help in its shipping department? It could be a new opportunity – again, coming to you from a staffing agency.  

Working with a staffing agency is a way to increase your chances of finding a job and increase your chances for steady employment.  

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