3 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Finding a New Job This Year 

Looking for a new job in 2021? It pays to strategize some methods of increasing your chances. Many people read job boards and send in resumes. While that’s a fine strategy, it’s frankly not the way most jobs are found. More than 80% of jobs are found through networking! Plus, because so many rely on the job board and resume method, you have formidable competition there. Here are 3 of the ways top candidates can find work. 

1. Use LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for anyone engaged in a job search. You can connect with a wide variety of people to network with 

First, let people you are already connected with know you are looking for a job. (Craft your profile to indicate your skills and qualifications too, of course.) Tell them openly what type of position you are looking for and what your qualifications are. Ask if they know anyone you should talk to. That can uncover a hidden job market. 

Second, connect to people who work in industries or companies you are interested in. Ask if you can have an informational interview. This consists of a brief (20 minutes top) series of questions. You can ask them the best methods of searching for a job in the industry or company, for example. An informational interview is not a direct job ask. It can, however, yield valuable insights and help into places you should look. 

2. Work with a staffing agency 

Always make staffing agencies one of your first ports of call during a job search! Staffing agencies have a wealth of jobs available. Some companies work only with staffing agencies to fill their hiring needs, so are only open to you if you work with that agency. 

Not only that, but staffing agencies know of upcoming jobs as well. Once you are working with them, you are in a position to know of positions about to open or even positions that they simply haven’t got around to opening yet. 

3. Virtual networking 

As important as LinkedIn is, don’t let it be your only networking stop. While many hiring managers are on LinkedIn, you can’t assume that everyone actively uses it. 

First, send e-mails to friends and family letting them know you’re looking for a job, what you’re looking for, and asking if they know of open positions. 

Second, utilize social media. Companies often use social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to post jobs or announce new business that can lead to jobs.  

Looking for a new job? 

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