What are Some of the Emerging Manufacturing Trends to Look Out For

Technological advances have permeated into every industry, especially manufacturing. Over the years, technology has made manufacturing a truly exciting industry, and the emerging trends prove it is still a compelling work sector.

3 Manufacturing Trends to Get Excited About

While there is a lot of development in technologies in the manufacturing industry, these three are prominent and worth considering to make a part of your business.

Advancing Robotics and Automation

Manufacturing is all about being efficient. This is where robotics and automation advancements are king. Even smaller manufacturing companies are getting into collaborative robots where they may utilize robotics to help automate their systems and increase productivity, one area at a time.

Implementing “cobots” mostly falls on the line operator, so no matter what size your company, you should find candidates who are willing and able to learn how to implement robotic and automation advances.

3D Printing

This innovation has been around for several years, but the demand and capabilities of 3D printing are on track to continue to grow. Thanks to software advances, there are more possibilities than ever before. Automation is underway, and mixed materials are able to be used together. 

There is now a greater amount of education and training surrounding the subject of 3D printing, which will help more designers and manufacturers understand how to design and utilize the opportunities of 3D printing. Manufacturing companies should consider enrolling their current employees into programs to expand their knowledge of the subject.

Working with Wearables

Beyond those futuristic glasses is real technology that can track the health of the user. An important implication of this development is supervisors being aware of the health of their employees on the job. Being able to monitor a worker’s health before an accident in the field or warehouse occurs can prevent injuries or death. 

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