How to Make Your Job Descriptions Sound More Appealing to Get Noticed

Writing a job description may seem like a standard duty for anyone in human resources, but it’s actually a very important task. The job description is responsible for attracting candidates for your open positions. And only an appealing and eye-catching posting will draw in star talent.

A Job Description Must Include These Sections

Be sure to utilize a format that includes these sections to give applicants a full picture of what potential is at your company.

Job Title

While some companies like to be creative with their job titles, it’s important to remember that a job title should be to the point so it can be recognized on job sites. Make sure that your job titles are clear and descriptive. They should also include letters of seniority like, “Jr,” or “Sr” so the applicant knows what level of experience it requires.

Company Mission & Values

Keep this section short and to the point, but this is your chance to hook your prospects with what makes your company unique and exciting. Be sure to touch on your company’s mission, values, culture, and services.

Key Responsibilities

Applicants should understand the day-to-day responsibilities, so they can determine if it’s what they are capable or interested in doing. Being clear and detailed in this section will give you more qualified and promising applicants, saving you a lot of time and finding you a quality candidate to consider.

Qualifications & Skills

This is another important section, where you should list the hard and soft skills required for the job. Hard skills will include certifications and technical or mechanical abilities. Soft skills relate to communication, drive, flexibility, etc. 

Company Benefits

Include a brief description of what is attractive about working at your company. From health benefits, vacation time, and compensation range, to fun workplace perks, this section should give the applicant extra excitement while they consider their application to your company.

A Few Extra Tips to Write an Appealing Job Description

Here are a few other things to consider to attract the best talent for your company.

  • Don’t use gendered language
  • Double-check your information
  • Be mindful of tone
  • Keep it simple
  • Proofread

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