Why College Graduates Should Consider Using a Staffing Agency When Starting Their Job Search

Somehow there are quite a few misconceptions about working with a staffing agency to find a job. Some people think that a staffing agency only helps with entry-level or temp jobs, while other people have the idea that jobs through a staffing agency don’t provide benefits. Both of these examples are false. For college graduates, the promise of using a staffing agency is paramount.

How Does a Staffing Agency Work?

Companies pay a staffing agency to help them find qualified employees. Job seekers, even emerging college graduates, can apply to job positions through the staffing agency or can contact the agency directly, asking for help finding a job that fits their experience and career goals.

The staffing agency will match job seekers to employment opportunities through the companies they are partnered with. To begin, the staffing agency will pay the hired employee. If the company decides it’s a good fit, they will hire the employee and proceed to be the ones paying their new hire.

What Are the Benefits of Finding a Job Through a Staffing Agency?

Here are just a few of many benefits:

It’s Free

One of the biggest misconceptions is that working through a staffing agency will cost you money. It doesn’t. Since the companies pay the staffing agency, they are not searching to take any fees or commission from you, the job seeker. Good news for a college graduate without much expendable income!

Professionals Match You to a Job

Consider this: people who work at a staffing agency match job seekers to open job positions for a living. That is their job. The success of their entire company relies on how well they can match job seekers to a company hiring. Not only will they know of a variety of open positions that would take you hours of effort to find, but they also have your best interest in mind. They want you to not only find a job but find a job that you would succeed at and enjoy for the long term.

You Will Receive Benefits

Staffing companies need to also stay competitive, so most of them offer benefits to the workers they recruit. Usually, benefits are available to those employees that they match with a job after a certain number of hours or days are worked. Benefits can include medical, retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, or even all of these. Of course, once the company hires the employee permanently, those benefits will be taken over by the company.

Kick-Off Your Career with a Staffing Agency

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